I regularly meet with the kunstban.de in our studio at the market in Kellinghusen, for painting and artistic exchange together - and also for a glass of wine and a Klönschnack!

Often we work on a particular motto for joint exhibitions. We have grown together closely through painting, have many, complementary, ideas, thoughts and ideas - and yet each of us "plays" in its own way with color and material! Powerful or delicate colors, playful, dynamic or strict lines, representational or abstract design of the surfaces - this diversity in the painterly implementation makes the charm of kunstban.de.

"We all have a very different perspective on things, but that's what makes it so exciting!"

Carola X Matthes
urban . fliessend . strukturreich . expressiv . farbkräftig

Charlotte Schack-Steffenhagen
illustrativ . erzählend . detailreich . konkret . samtig

Heike Schümann
verständlich . lasierend . elegant . spontan . großflächig

Iris Geisler
verträumt . frühlingshaft . feinsinnig . zart . naturverbunden

Tanja Schmuck
gespachtelt . nostalgisch . glamourös . herbstlich . romantisch

Sabine Marx
materialübergreifend . experimentell . plastisch . leuchtend . mystisch