You "missing" a picture on the wall and you like my pictures? Then there ares there so some possibilities!

I am glad that you are interested in my art!

Just call me and make an appointment in the studio in Kellinghusen. Without obligation, you can view a selection of "your" pictures there in peace, because live the images act again quite differently!

You are not sure whether the picture fits you in terms of color or size? Gladly we can arrange an appointment for trial hanging!


Ich versende meine Bilder weltweit – sie können in ihren stabilen Holzkisten jeden Weg zu ihren neuen Besitzern aufnehmen.

Über die Online-Galerie SINGULART finden Sie meine momentan verfügbaren Werke. Ich freue mich auf Ihren Besuch dort:

Would you like to have new art on your walls on a regular basis?

Then a loan position might be the right thing. I would be happy to clarify the length of stay and all other conditions with you.

You like a picture, but it does not fit into the budget at the moment?

Then why not have your friends/relatives give you picture shares (e.g. for a major celebration)!

Beispiel: Der Bilderpreis ist 400,-€ = Sie wünschen sich 20 Anteile á 20,-€
(oder variabel so gestückelt, wie Sie es vorgeben)

Would you like to give art as a gift, but not sure what would fit?

Then give away a voucher and the recipient can then choose the right picture himself!