Text excerpt courtesy of journalist Stefanie Breme

... The self-confessed autodidact does not want to fulfill any artist clichés, but to remain authentic. Carola Matthes enjoys the luxury of being able to move independently and freely on the art market. As a trained industrial clerk, she pursues a well-organized commercial job. Sometimes things are downright chaotic in her studio. For her, however, art is not just a way to balance things out, but her true vocation.

She gets stuck into her pictures. No day begins without her dipping a finger into the paint.

The artist is eager to develop further, in technique and clarity of expression on the way to her very own style.

Always also structured and very goal-oriented, Carola Matthes lets herself fall into the freedom of experimentation at the moment of painting. Her studio table is then littered with acrylic bottles, spray cans, putty, cans of sand and stone flours, brushes and palette knives of all sizes and shapes.

From chaos united with silence and a vision, she creates vast surfaces full of color intensity, vitality and provocative compositions.

In the center usually a woman with strong emotions, challenging, cheerful, thoughtful, sad, longing, loving - or simply "woman in the middle of life"! The pictures of the Bad Bramstedt painter jump directly at the viewer. And then you see in the background the ever-present mysterious X, lines, areas of color, collages, structures and superimpositions that suggest reality without stopping at the banal ...