silent pause

silent pause

Größe: 70 x 50 cm im Eisen-Schattenfugenrahmen
Technik: Acryl | Struktur | Spray

Where there is a lot of darkness, there is a lot of room for light.

Whoever looks at this portrait of a woman comes to rest. The predominantly dark muted surface provides space to focus on the light-filled half of this face.

A woman whose gaze is directed inward. A mixture of pensiveness, sadness and melancholy that brings calm unexcited.

Wistfulness is nothing negative, but a kind of bittersweet tracing of the past.

By contrasting this dark and light portrait with the neon colored graffiti elements and the impressive 12kg iron shadow gap frame, Carola X here manages to put life and power into the space as a promise.