Größe: 70 x 50 cm
Technik: Acryl | Struktur | Mischtechnik
auf Leinwand/Keilrahmen im Eisen-Schattenfugenrahmen

What the hell is going on here?

With a horrified look and her mouth wide open, this woman shows pure emotion: she cries out, is outraged, something displeases her and cannot be understood.

WTF is dedicated to the headlines of current reports from around the world. Everywhere where not only the rights and dignity of women, but of all innocent people are affected. Everywhere where people are overwhelmed with their feelings and no solution is in sight.

Regarding the X on the open mouth, the artist says: "Against the imposed cross, this woman cries out: She seeks her voice in the face of these so many unspeakably terrible situations in the world."

This weighty emotional statement finds its complement in the material of the work. Through the solid iron shadow gap frame it weighs 12 kg. The picture, like any person, needs a stable support.