Before anger is after fear

Before anger is after fear

Größe: 50 x 50 cm im Eisen-Schattenfugenrahmen
Technik: Acryl | Struktur | Spray

Attention - count on me!

Power lurks in the eye. It hides behind the veil of inferno. Only the raised eyebrow betrays an incipient defensive posture. We suspect injury and fear.

Nothing beyond the eyes suggests direct action. Carola X succeeds in creating a dynamic between pure power through surface and human emotion.

The right area is meaningfully heavy with high plasticity, as well as dark but vivid colors. In contrast to the restrained pale areas around the nose and mouth, the facial part is dominated by this one expressive eye area.

The X again gives this portrait of a woman a clear exclamation mark. It calls out to the viewer, "Show yourself! Because anger is a force and an important part of being human!"