Think about Pink

Think about Pink

Größe: 50 x 50 cm
Technik: Acryl | Struktur | Mischtechnik
auf Leinwand/Keilrahmen im Eisen-Schattenfugenrahmen

Advertising that does not scream

This bright intense color is more than the symbol of one-sided advertising. The pink soothes and emphasizes a feminine, positively radiant woman. But that's not all, because besides the PINK there is also the PUNK - the dark side of liveliness.

Cheerfully life-affirming and at the same time broken, this woman is not to be classified in a shallow cliché. She is far more than a pink girl and she partially disappears into the dark, held in place by the sturdy iron shadow gap frame. The vibrant pink is soothed by an earthy reddish brown. The slat-like structure with artistic graffiti elements on a dark background adds to the complexity of this woman.

The viewer is seduced into pausing by the attention-grabbing pink. And he is simultaneously left with the apparent incompatibility of two worlds. The fact that there are no simple pigeonholes for people, Carola X underlines once again through her pink X.