BE! Or not to be ... ?

BE! Or not to be ... ?

Größe: 100 x 120 cm
Technik: Spray | Acryl | Mischtechnik auf gemahlenem Stein

Frage: Wie geht’s?
Antwort: Muss ja …

They feel thrown into existence, they are there and actually they are not living. That's what it's about for a lot of people. "To be or not to be" may mean survival or suicide in Hamlet. In this image, this quote alludes to the lukewarm, indecisive and behavioral nature of many contemporaries.

Almost cool and without inner life, the sight of this woman touches us: she seems exhausted, bored or sad and is at the same time unapproachable. Carola X provocatively places the graffiti statement "BE", which calls for life, above or on the woman. It is a kind of wake-up call from this miserable sleep of indifference.

"Just don't dare anything" - doesn't work. "Must do..." is also not a way of life.