Saturday 06.06.2020

18 - 24 h

A tour through Neumünster with 20 cultural stops to see, hear and enjoy!

Welcome to the 12th KULToURNACHT!

On foot, by bike or car or also quite comfortably with the free shuttle service. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes to all stations - such as the Museum Tuch+Technik / Gerisch-Stiftung / Stadttöpferei / various galleries and the Logenhaus in Carlstraße..

The Kultournacht starts at 18:00 and ends around midnight.


Strong images, strong personalities in a house with character.

Color, texture, space and motifs - the works of show character. Whether color-intensive portraits, captured moments or dreamy watercolors: visitors can look forward to a rich selection of strong images!

The studio community ** is pleased to be invited again this year and to present the extensive exhibition *CHARAKTERSTARK!* in the Mozart Hall of the Sankt Johannis Lodge to present!

In the building of the former office building of the Sagerschen leather factory, which has now been declared a cultural monument, the lodge house of the Neumünster Freemasons has been located for many years. The "temple", which is exceptionally open to the public, offers an interesting insight into the thinking of Masonic symbolism.

The visitor can expect an extraordinary exhibition in a dignified ambience with a lot of interesting information!

We are looking forward to your visit!

Saint John's Lodge . Carlstraße 63 . 24534 Neumünster

(plenty of parking spaces available!)